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Seven years ago, Texas Music Artist Jack Nelson was presented with a very rare opportunity. A gaggle of the most award winning and well respected studio musicians were gathering at Raney Studios in Drasco, AR to cut a couple of projects. They knew that Jack had a handful of songs he was looking to record and asked if he would be willing to include them in the sessions.  


Without hesitation, on a cold and rainy night after a gig in Montgomery, TX, Jack loaded up his Ford Explorer and began the trip to Drasco. Within five miles of making the journey on  that dark and treacherous night, tragedy struck.


Rather, Jack struck the back of a vehicle parked in the middle of a bridge over Lake Conroe without its lights on. As his vehicle was bearing down on the guard rail separating him from the icy waters below, his plane crash training from the Navy kicked in and he had his entire emergency egress planned before he was ultimately brought to a halt by the guard rail.  


Luckily, prior to the incident Jack had given into the annoyance of the seatbelt alarm and was able to walk away with only a few bruised ribs, banged up shins from the bottom of the dash, and some airbag burns to the face. 


After tending to the other driver (a very sweet elderly woman with minor injuries) and waving off the first responders, Jack had one thing in mind: “I’ve got to get to Drasco.”


After a quick call to his nearby touring drummer Matt Finley, he and his mother Kim we’re able to pick up Jack and haul him to Drasco, stopping in Marshall, TX to pick up multi-award winning Texas artist, Sarah Hobbs, along the way to sing the duet “I Still Do” in the collection. 


This incident nearly a decade ago was foreboding. 


While the songs were in the mixing process, Jack continued to tour as a full time musician averaging 200 shows a year across the country. His journey had no shortage of road/life setbacks which delayed the work. While persevering through countless road troubles, four band trailers, seven touring vehicles, and suffering the deaths of 11 friends and family members (including the drummer on this EP as it would be his last session, the late great Mike Kennedy - touring drummer for George Strait) Jack has done nothing but “Ride On” as the song from this collection suggests.


“Drasco” is a five song biopic telling of a life both lived and yet to be lived. Drawing from his own personal experiences, Jack Nelson has written a collection of songs telling the story of a man's journey through life and love. From leaving a tumultuous relationship and finding “Somebody New” to shouting his love to the world to getting married and providing for that love, to the time of our ultimate passing when even souls reach through to the great beyond to express that, even though the loved one is gone, the love remains in “I Still Do.”


Drasco’s official release date as a collective work is scheduled for April 7, 2023. This EP is a precursor to a full length album that Jack Nelson will be releasing August of 2023.



Produced by Jack Nelson and Grammy Award winning Glenn Wheeler

(Tierra Studios, Studios at Fischer, & Longhorn Studios)

Engineered By multi ACMA winner and multi Grammy Nominee Jon Raney

(Raney Studios, Drasco, Ar) producer 3x engineer 2x album 

Mastered by Eric Conn

(Independent Mastering - has mastered records spanning all genre including artists such as Garth Brooks, Neil Young, Joan Osborne, Janis Ian, John Prine, Skid Row, Ted Nugent, Sheryl Crow, George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, Willie Nelson, JJ Cale, and many many more)



The Players

Jack Nelson - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Tim Crouch - Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddle

Robby Springfield - Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Steel Guitar

Dennis Wage - Keys

Mike Kennedy - Drums

Robert Diblanco & Glenn Wheeler - Samples

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