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Texas Country Artists Randy Carson and Willie Nelson Release Duet

Texas Country Artists Randy Carson and Willie Nelson team up for a duet of "Who'll Buy My Memories". This is a fascinating story.

 Randy Carson has Texas Country Music roots that go back before he was born. Randy’s dad “Joe Carson” was an artist on Mercury and Capitol records as a teenager working with Elvis and other big names. However, it was his friend and Liberty Record label mate Willie Nelson that later got his career headed in the right direction when Willie gave him two great songs, “I Gotta Get Drunk” and “Who’ll Buy My Memories” (originally released by Joe Carson in 1963). Willie and Joe booked the iconic RCA Studio B together and they went in and recorded the songs.

Even though at that time radio wouldn’t push a song about getting drunk, it still sold three times the amount of a number one record which is detailed in Willies book “An Epic Life” where Willie also talks about sharing a band with Randy’s dad. Unfortunately, Joe was killed in an auto accident just months later at the age of 27. Willie says he will never forget Joe Carson, or the special talent he has become known for worldwide.

When Willie recently heard Randy Carson was recording an album, he immediately contacted him about recording a duet of the songs he gave Joe so many years ago. Even though “I Gotta Get Drunk” is the better-known song it’s “Who’ll Buy My Memories” that takes your mind back to the time when Willie and Randy’s dad we're starting out together.

Randy was 16 months old when Joe was killed in a car accident so he never knew him, but if you listen close you will hear Willie and Randy bring his incredibly talented dad’s memory back to life with "Who'll Buy My Memories".

Randy is an active member of the Texas Country Music Association and is also working on a full album to be released soon. The Randy Carson Band is actively playing shows, entertaining crowds, and quickly moving forward in Country Music.

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