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The Texas Country Music Association’s members, directors and advisory council members work together to consistently assist, promote and support the Texas Country Music and Christian Country Music industries and everyone in it in every aspect possible.  By partnering together, our members have helped us develop effective resources such as the Texas Country Music Awards, Texas Country Music Weekend in the Stockyards, Texas Country Showdown, Texas Country Music Chart , the TCMA Songwriter Contests and Artist Showcases, TCMA Compilation CD’s, Texas Country Music Magazine and many more.  We always have "another project" or event in the works!

Additionally the Texas Country Music Association raises funds to provide Artist's Scholarships as well as music scholarships, emergency and disaster recovery support, provide medical assistance, and other charitable projects through our assistance fund, Texas Country Cares.  Our purpose is and resources are dedicated to support, enable, promote, encourage and further the Texas Country Music and Christian Country Music industries and its artists in and from Texas.

What we do for TCMA Members and the Texas Country Music Industry:

Without TCMA Members, none of this would be possible.  It takes us all working together to be able to accomplish all we have done and will continue to do for you and this industry such as:

Promote your music, events and business services through social media sharing on our TCMA page and groups, email blasts and press coverage not only in Texas but throughout the US and world.

Continually create discounts and resources, referrals and networking through other members for services such as recording, music videos, design and graphics, photography, virtual tipping and more.

We continually create and develop programs, projects and events to showcase you, your music, business and services.  Some of these programs in place are:

1.       Texas Country Music Awards (the biggest event of its kind in the Texas Country Music industry where we come together to celebrate it all and award the artists, musicians, venues, radio stations, songwriters, showcase newcomers and honor established artists with performances.

2.       Texas Country Music Weekend (a weekend of live Texas Country Music leading up to the Texas Country Music Awards, in partnership with the Fort Worth Stockyards, including acoustic performances, musicians jam, the Texas Country Music Showdown 8 band competition with amazing prizes for the Grand Champion which is announced at the Texas Country Music Awards.

3.       TCMA Annual Songwriter Contest (for Country and Christian Country songwriters, top 10 in each category are honored at the annual Texas Country Music Awards and winners perform during the pre-show.

4.       Texas Country Network (our online programmed broadcast network for music videos and other programming related to Texas Country Music and the Texas Country lifestyle).

5.       Texas Country Music Television - an online television channel that streams Youtube music videos 24/7)

6.       Texas Country Music Magazine - our digital online magazine to showcase and highlight TCMA Members who are artists, songwriters, musicians, media, venues, festival and event promoters, recording studios, promoters, booking agents, producers and management as well as other businesses who touch the industry.

7.   TCMA’s Best Texas Country Picks Compilation CD Series (a compilation of TCMA Member artist’s singles that is distributed to all streaming outlets, radio, venues and promoted.

8.   Texas Country Music Chart (the only Texas based digitally monitored airplay chart using the most accurate and high-tech platform available to monitor actual airplay on radio stations who have live streams, both terrestrial and internet)

9.   Texas Country Music Association Artist Scholarships (an award presented to artists who have the need for an additional boost in recording, presented at the annual Texas Country Music Awards, and includes a package that provides for recording one single along with radio distribution and other related services as donated by sponsors)

10.   Texas Country Records (record label for Texas Country and Christian Country music)

11.   Provide opportunities for TCMA members only to participate in TCMA events (whether our own or ones we sponsor) around the state, such as Texas Country Chicks, songwriters retreats, artist showcases, contracted venues through Texas Country Talent and more.

12.   Create events and platforms that increase your fan base through exposure, and reward fans for being fans by giving them opportunities to hear and see.

13.   Christian Country Music Genre (for artists, songwriters, churches, media and businesses involved in full or in part in the Christian Country Music genre, the development of Christian Country Music, Inc., Christian Country Music Radio and all services and resources similar to what we do for Texas Country – such as Christian Country Music Radio, Christian Country Music Television, Radio Promotions, TV Network, Compilation CD’s, Syndicated Radio Show and Podcast, events, concerts and an annual Christian Country Music Awards) Christian Country for the NOW Generation -,


1.       Texas Country Music Summit & Industry Awards (planning stages – the largest and most effective educational and promotional conference in the industry that includes honoring those industry professionals behind the scenes that make it all happen, as well as visual arts awards for photography, art and videography)

2.       Texas Country Network Studio (for Texas Country Network TV Studio, Radio Studio, Recording Studio, Rehearsal Hall, Music and Voice Lessons, Remote Instrument Tracks, News and Entertainment Show filming)

3.       Texas Country Multimedia (to provide photography and music videography for artists, development of television programs to further profile artists and the Texas lifestyle, and coverage of special events and in-studio television programs such as Texas Country Music news and interviews, cooking and more)

4.       Texas Country Come To Town (road trips to other areas to showcase Texas Country artists)

5.       Texas Country Songwriters Retreat (a gathering of Texas songwriters)

6.       Physical CD Distribution (an opportunity have artist’s CD’s placed on racks in various locations around the state)

7.       Texas Country Radio Promotions – Staff

8.       Christian Country Radio Promotions – Staff

9.      Texas Country and Christian Country Video Promotion - Staff

10.    Texas Country Outfitters & Christian Country Outfitters (our own merchandise manufacturing company for t-shirts, koozies, caps, autograph photos and many other items for artists to order, sell and increase their income)

11.    Texas Country Music Syndicated Radio Show (to showcase Texas Country Music Chart top artists and their singles each week)

12.    Texas Country Music Podcast (to highlight and review artists, new releases, events and other projects)

13.    Texas Country Music Museum and TCMA Hall of Fame (a museum of artifacts of Texas Country artists, as well as honoring TCMA Trailblazer Award recipients and other Texas Country Music industry individuals who have “blazed the trail” for others -- projected on the 5-year plan)


What TCMA Members do for us and each other:

1.       Help us make all the above possible through very small annual membership fee.  We cannot do it without you and your support, so artists, songwriters, musicians, venues, media, fans and businesses who touch the industry coming together in a small way helps TCMA do what we do for all of you in a BIG way.

2.       Assist in bringing awareness to TCMA and its projects and programs, grow the membership and promote what we do to everyone involved in the industry.

3.       Help promote and support each other through all the TCMA projects and through networking and communicating as well as providing services and resources for one another.


If you are a TCMA Member -- THANK YOU!  Without you all of this would not be possible!  If you are not already a TCMA Member, please JOIN NOW to get involved!  There are membership categories for everyone!

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