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Women in Texas Country Music
Larissa Boyd


Larissa Boyd is a lifelong fan of Texas country music and has quickly become a favorite female artist on the Texas music scene since her debut in 2021. In just three short years, her music has been streamed over a million times and she has charted multiple singles across the Texas music charts.


Larissa has been a member of the Texas Country Music Association since the release of her first single, ‘Any Other Guy’, in July 2021. Her gritty and raw sound draws influence from musicians the likes of Koe Wetzel, Kat Hasty, Taylor Swift, Zach Bryan, and Cameron Sacky Band.


Music has always been a part of Larissa’s life. She discovered her love for singing in pre-school, which was followed by piano lessons and learning to play the ukulele and guitar throughout middle and high school. It was in high school when she started to play weekly gigs at her local Mexican restaurant, and after about a year, branched out to play at other venues and ultimately release her first song.


These days, when she’s not busy attending class at Texas A&M, she’s spending most of her time recording new music. “I really want the new music that I release to be 100% me. That’s where my focus is right now - making the music I want to make while also trying to balance school, another job, and playing shows.”


In May of 2023, Larissa released her first EP titled ‘Everything is Different’. “All of those songs hold a lot of meaning to me. They’re all a part of one story. That’s why I named it ‘Everything is Different’, because from the time that I wrote all those songs and released them, everything was different, but in the best way.”


For Larissa, some of her most memorable shows so far have been opening two sold out shows at Gruene Hall with Carson Jeffrey and Cameron Sacky Band, along with her times at The MusicFest in Steamboat each year.


As Larissa is working on her next batch of songs to release, she told TCMM “I’m recording the music the way I’ve envisioned it in my head and I’m excited to have taken the reigns on this project. I’m super excited because it’s 100% me. I’ve gotten to make these songs with some of my best friends, not just in the music world, but life in general. Shoutout to AJ Hoffman at Black Cat Studios in College Station. It’s been a lot of fun.”


We are certainly looking forward to Larissa’s new releases coming out soon. You can find more about Larissa Boyd, her music, and upcoming shows at

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