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Ty Smith proves at just 15 years old, he can hang with

the big boys of Texas country music


HOUSTON, TEXAS — (November 1, 2023) – Country artist Ty Smith had a choice to make –
stay home in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, attend high school football games and hang out with
friends or travel the country and chase his dream of playing music. He chose the latter, and the
Texas Country Music Scene is embracing him. The 15-year-old’s first two songs made their way
onto the Texas Country Music Chart and the American Country Music Chart. The current single,
“Wonderland,” is still climbing both and on its way to becoming Smith’s second Top 40 hit.
“‘Wonderland’ is from an outside perspective of an unhappy relationship that ends up leaving a man
by himself to raise his daughter,” said Smith. “The daughter’s entire life she had planned on finding
the man who stole her mom from her dad, just so she could make him feel the emptiness inside that
she and her dad felt.”

The song perfectly blends country music and blues and has a rock edge, reminiscent of what we love
about Turnpike Troubadours, who Smith credits for influencing his style of music. Smith penned
“Wonderland” on his own, proving he has an old soul and the makings of a great songwriter.

He admits he was surprised at the success he saw right out of the gate with “Wonderland” and his
first single, “Rocky Mountain Pines,” both claiming spots on Texas and national charts.
“I remember thinking ‘Wow, people are actually listening to and enjoying the music I’m writing,’
and it was also very cool to see my name up there with my heroes and friends,” he said.
His success and determination won over his parents when he asked them if he could take his high
school classes online and begin touring full time.

“They realized it was something I genuinely wanted to do,” said Smith. “After that, my father quit
his job to be my full-time driver, since I’m not old enough to drive yet. We’ve done over 10,000
miles just on this last tour.”

The tour has taken him and his dad across the Lone Star State, from College Station and Fort Worth
to Amarillo, Brownwood and Snyder. He opened for The Lowdown Drifters in Springfield, Missouri,
and shared the stage with Shane Smith in Filer, Idaho, at the Hwy 30 Music Fest. And he recently
opened a show for Texas music legend Kevin Fowler.

There is no doubt he is living his dream – but it’s a dream that requires discipline in an area most
artists don’t have to deal with.

“I have to keep my grades up. It’s definitely difficult to balance school and playing shows constantly,
but I don’t get to play shows unless my grades are high enough. It’s definitely a big priority in my
household,” he added.

Smith’s parents and fans are rooting for him as he navigates his new success and the music industry.
At just 15, he is already making a name for himself and earning his spot in country music – and he’s
just getting started.

Visit to learn more about Ty Smith and his music and find out when he will
be playing a show near you.

About Ty Smith

Ty Smith grew up in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, outside of Tulsa. He was raised on a healthy dose
of Mike McClure, Shane Smith and the Saints, as well as fellow Oklahomans, Turnpike
Troubadours. Inspired by his love for music, he picked up a guitar when he was 11 years old and
never looked back. He wrote his first song just two years later and pleaded with his parents to let
him get on stage. Recognizing his talent, they took him to The Hunt Club in Tulsa to perform his
first show. Ty describes his time on stage as “intoxicating,” and he immediately knew – this was
his path.

He released his first single, “Rocky Mountain Pines,” in May of 2023, and it climbed to the Top
40 of the American Country Music Chart. His follow-up single, “Wonderland,” is now being
played on radio stations across the country and is available on all streaming platforms.

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