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Texas Recording Artist Jenn Ford releases her newest creation, "Americana Radio" in April to radio and all digital streaming platforms via B&G Records.

Jenn Ford is a US Army Veteran-turned singer songwriter who is known for cohosting the Texas Country Music Awards from 2017-2019 for The Texas Country Music Association.

She hails from Kilgore, Texas, where she has spent the last 10 years building a career in music. Fans call her "The Woman in Black" after her song by the same name hit the airwaves in 2021. It stayed on the Texas Country Music and Internet charts for several months in 2021.

Her newest album is a collaboration with producers Kyle Roop and Leif Shively, co-owners of Steel Records Studios, based out of Grand Cane, Louisiana. It will be released by B&G Records Nashville, owned by US Army Veteran, Executive Producer, and Film artist BJ Mezek.

"Americana Radio" contains powerful vocals on all 10 tracks, and has a southern rock, bluesy, roots sound with cinematic styling; and on some tracks, real dramatic edge.

The album contains Ford's versions of Angel From Montgomery (John Prine), Nutshell (Alice In Chains), Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix), and more from Stevie Nicks, The Eagles, Prince, Chris Cornell and The Allman Brothers.

The project rose from Ford's idea to pay tribute to her favorite iconic American artists that shaped her love and appreciation for storytelling through music.

Clancy Ferguson Stewart is a featured Louisiana fiddler on several tracks, with Leif Shively and Kyle Roop splitting guitar licks and steel guitar.

Since 2017, Ford has continued to implement her musical approach with maturity and experience, and confidently chose to feature traditionally acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitars, banjo, dobro, baritone guitar, steel guitar, fiddle and harmonica.

The twist is she added in sound effects that pay a nod to Clint Eastwood films like "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" and soundtracks from famous composer Ennio Morricone.

"My dad loved Clint Eastwood and was a big influence on my musical taste growing up. I wanted this album to have some flair and be something people listen to front to back, like a movie."

"All of these songs were like fairy tales growing up. I remember listening to the Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers in his truck since I was a child, and then laying awake thinking about the lyrics as a little girl. I always got mesmerized by that."

"My mom loved Stevie Nicks, but she also loved old hymns. This album is 100 percent a reflection of my influences, and my heritage. I chose the name "Americana Radio" to reflect the influence of my family, my military service, and also to acknowledge every single thing I have overcome to be able to make music."

Ford openly discusses her battle with PTSD, and asserts that music is a necessary tool for self expression and creativity to deal with her mental health.

"Music is a healer. It's the first language a mother speaks to her children, and is universally understood. It always comforts me and helps me be the best version of myself," says Ford.

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