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Women in Texas Country Music
Jade Marie Patek


Jade Marie Patek is a native Texan, having grown up in Shiner and Rockport, and is now settled in the Texas Hill Country in the music-loving town of New Braunfels, Texas. She has been a member of the Texas Country Music Association ever since she started putting her singles out to radio and in 2020, she was amongst the extraordinarily talented finalists for the TCMA Emerging Artist of the Year Award.


“TCMA has always been super helpful in pushing and supporting artists, and have always really supported women as well. I’ve played a couple shows for TCMA, specifically with the Girls Raised in Texas. TCMA has consistently showed up, supported me, and been in my corner.”


Jade has etched her own stand-out sound in the Texas Country music scene, describing it as a blend of Texas Soul and Southern Rock, pulling influences from a wide array of legendary musicians such as Sheryl Crow, Janice Joplin, Marcus King, Chris Stapleton, and Aretha Franklin.


Jade’s impressive songwriting skills are sharpened through the weekly songwriting group she’s been a member of for years, consisting of other influential musicians in the Texas music scene. This community has played a tremendous role in her songwriting journey, and a couple of those songs she’s crafted in the group have made their way onto her most recent album, ‘Song in My Head’.


Jade Marie Patek has lived in New Braunfels for ten years and started out playing her first gigs in town at spots like Phoenix Saloon and PourHaus. Through attending open mics and building relationships with other musicians, she paved her way to becoming one of the most well-known artists in town.


“There’s something about the musicians in New Braunfels that are such diamonds in the rough. We are all genuine friends and support each other’s music, whether it’s by inviting each other onto a song swap or to come and open up a show. The genuine love of music and people that do it is what makes New Braunfels so special.”


Jade released her most recent album, ‘Song in My Head’, in June 2023. This ten-track album highlights her raw vocal power and is special to her for many reasons. “One of my favorite things I’ve ever gotten to do was create that album and work with everybody to get it out way we did”.


Jade notes her collaboration with Adam Odor of Yellow Dog Studios, where the album was recorded, as being a key part of why this project was so special to her. “He really let me get creative on a bunch of different things”.


Jade brought in her friends and fellow musicians such as Midnight River Choir, Dustin Schaefer, Bonnie Bishop and Rio Tripiano to sing on harmonies. Her friends also supported her by making social media videos to promote her album release. “It was super special because everyone got to be a part of it”.


Currently, Jade is working on a five-song EP set to release in the new year. You can find more about Jade Marie Patek, her music, and upcoming shows at

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