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Christian Country Artist

Brent Harrison

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Brent has been singing on stage since he was five years old. It could be said that he has literally been a singer his whole life! Everyone back home in the small town of Thomasville, Alabama knows the Harrisons as “that singing family.”  For years, generations of Harrisons have sung in church, southern gospel quartets, and even live on the radio.  Brent learned to sing parts from different family members, but he gravitated to his dad and uncle who sang the bass part. He traveled and sang, as well as played with the family quartet for years. Gospel and church music have been a part of his life, all of his life.  His mother's side of the family is also very musical. Brent watched his uncle Johnny play and sing and almost immediately, the fire was lit to learn to play the guitar himself. Brent was not only exposed to gospel music but country music as well. He remarks, “I remember listening to my parent's old vinyl records of George Jones, Charlie Pride, Jim Reeves, and Tammy Wynette.  When I heard Randy Travis' debut album, THE STORMS OF LIFE, for the first time, there was a huge connection because it was as if the two musical styles I had grown up with had been fused together. "


Brent chased a career in country music and made it onto the TV show, Star Search. He moved to Nashville in 1992 and worked hard to land a record deal but did not fulfill his goals.   Brent traveled on the road with the award winning Christian Country group The Fox Brothers in 1994.  After coming off the road, he began to lead worship part-time and that eventually led to being a full time worship leader for 8 years. He is currently back in Nashville writing music and leading worship for The Crossing, a new church started for the non-churched in Smith County. He never felt at home in this “ puppet on a string” mainstream industry. He believes there was a reason for that, as God is leading him in a direction that places him back in the growing ministry of Christian Country Music. Brent’s music is currently being played on several Christian Country radio stations and is being added to more stations all the time. His new single, Follow Your Heart Home, is currently #1 on the HLE Radio Christian Country Countdown. 


His desire is to fuse his love of worship and country music in each service/show. “I believe God put me in both genres for a reason. Not everyone cares for current mainstream praise and worship music, but there is a need for a time of 'vertical worship.' I love the foundational message and truth in the hymns. Also, I believe that it is important to our faith, and our hearts become more permeable when we mix that foundational truth with an intimate worship experience with God." 


When Brent is invited to a church or event, he will not only provide a concert of original positive/Christian country songs but the congregation/crowd will be lead into a vertical, intimate time with God. Brent is grateful to those who take time to listen to his music and  is excited to see where God takes his ministry.

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