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Making a Life on the Road… to Success
He’ll Make a Stop at The Texas Country Music Awards in 2022

He wanted to build the foundation of his music career on Texas Red Dirt. While it wasn’t easy leaving Flint Hills, Kansas, Brody Caster believed he needed to be in the Lone Star state to immerse himself in the culture of this musical genre he appreciated so much. So shortly after graduating college, the singer and songwriter loaded up the truck and headed to the Lone Star State. “I’d definitely miss my family and friends, but I knew I could create something to write home about,” Caster said.


Fortune favors the bold, and Brody has definitely been fortunate in his career so far. But it’s not because things have been easy. He landed in Texas about the time the pandemic hit. In quarantine, he got busy writing music and creating a career blueprint: “We were all struggling trying to figure out where things were going in the world. And so, I channeled a lot of my energy into writing music, formulating a game plane, making sure I had a solid band in place. I connected with Chad Mauldin, who’s an incredible producer. When we were able, the goal was to hit the ground running with my team.”


As the world opened up, Caster and his band hit the road and have just kept rolling down the highway, playing over 150 shows over the last two years. He says, “We’ve made a life out here playing music. We put a lot of miles in, and have seen a lot of this great state.”


Along the way, he’s earned the respect and recognition of the Texas Country Music Association. He won the New Artist Scholarship Award in 2020. This year Brody’s song “Go Down Swinging”, off his self-titled debut album made it to the finals in the TCMA songwriter competition.


Caster has continued to build his music catalogue with songs like “Hello Hangover”, “Undercover”, “Greenwood Saloon” and his new single, “Hey There Cowboy” is up for release this November.


We talked with the humble musician, who’s got a lot of achievements to show for himself in short amount of time that he’s been in Texas.



Brody, you're originally from Kansas. At what point, did you decide you were moving to Texas to do music?


​I'd say it was about my junior year of college. I knew from early on that as soon as i got out of school, I wanted to try and pursue music. Growing up, i always thought that place would be Nashville. As the Texas/Red Dirt scene continued to grow and gain an audience further north, i started really liking what i was hearing. It was artists like Cody Johnson, Randall King, & Koe Wetzel that really caught my attention. My goal with music from the start has always been to make a living playing music. I'm not chasing the money or the notoriety, I'm chasing the privilege to get to do what I love for a living. In Texas, there are plenty of artists who make a darn good living just playing live music around the region. To me it was a no brainier. 



You chose Texas Red Dirt music for a career path. What was it about that genre you appreciated so much?


​I really appreciate the authenticity of it all. Folks down here are genuine fans of original music. On stage back in Kansas, people want to hear the latest Luke Bryan or Morgan Wallen song, they could care less about your original material. Down here in Texas, we've actually played places that have a sign backstage that say "If you play more than 3 cover songs in any set, your show is over." 



Did anyone try and talk you out of pursuing music?


​I've of course ran into those haters that want to put you down, and tell you, "Don't quit your day job." As far as my friends and family though, they've all been nothing but supportive of me chasing this dream. 



You and your band have performed in and outside the state. Are Texas audiences different during live shows? If so, how?


​We've had the privilege of playing for some amazing audiences across several different states. But Texan's hit different! I've yet to play in a place that supports live original music more!



Who are some of your musical heroes? Have you met any of them?


​Alan Jackson, Cody Johnson, & Craig Morgan have got to be some of my biggest heroes. I've seen them play live, but haven't got the chance to meet any of them yet!



What's surprised you the most about the music business?


​The amount of money it takes to try and get started! Seem like every time i get some cash saved up and put it towards the next song, new equipment, promo, etc. There's always something else that happens, which needs taken care of. It's a never-ending investment. 



Tell us about some of your favorite shows that you've performed.


Honestly some of our favorite's shows have been when we've got to open for fellow artists such as Shane Smith & The Saints, Cody Hibbard, & Chad Cooke Band. Getting to kick things off for them has been great. I love getting the chance to chat with those guys that are above us in our careers and try and learn from them and gain some insight to the business. 



What do you strive to make happen during each performance on stage?


​I want two things to happen every night when we step on stage. 1.) I want to connect with individuals in the audience. When we play a song and they can actually personally relate or it changes their mood… that's everything to me. 2.) I want to engrain a memory in everyone's mind when they leave our show. They may have never heard of us before, but they loved what they saw, and now they've become fans. 



Tell us about some of your new music being released.


Since Oct. of 2021, we've been releasing new music about every 6-8 weeks. On Sept. 9th, our latest single “Greenwood Saloon” came out. It's the rawest and most rock heavy song we've put out to date. 



What's been one of the best compliments given to you about your music?


I had a couple one time walk up to me after a show and tell me that my song "Go Down Swinging" would be their first dance song. They'd never met me before, hadn't ever heard our show or that song before that night. But they connected with that song so much they wanted to play it at their wedding. That was just the coolest thing to me. And we found that song made it the finals in the TCMA Songwriting Contest.



What role has the Texas Country Music Association played in your career?


If I hadn't met Monty Dawson (VP of TCMA) or Linda Wilson (President of TCMA) I wouldn't be where I am today. I was just a green kid with hardly any experience, no connections, no music out, and no idea what i was doing when Monty took a chance on me. He heard me at an open mic one night and like what he heard. He took me under his wing and introduced me to so many amazing people and shows me some of the ins and outs of the business. Monty & Linda really helped get me on the right path to really start moving forward and chasing this dream.



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