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EP Release | Devin Michaels


Songwriter Devin Michaels, based in Refugio, Texas, released his debut EP ‘Wasted Time’ on June 7th, composed of four songs titled ‘Wasted Time’, ‘Stick Around’, ‘Goodnight and Goodbye’, and ‘Whiskey’.


Devin describes his sound as “Y’allternative”, a funny term coined by him and his friend for when you can’t decide if you’re rocking out or cutting a rug on a Friday night. He combines influences from the music of his childhood, such as George Strait, Merle Haggard, and Tejano bands, with elements of rock and alternative to create a sound that is loyal to classic country but can entertain a rock n’ roll crowd easily.


Devin told TCMM that while releasing his debut EP was “definitely nerve-wracking”, the recording process was laid back. “I had a group of talented guys in there with me who made me comfortable and made it easy to bring my ideas to life.”


What’s on the horizon for emerging musician, Devin Michaels? He has a few songs being worked on right now that he’s excited for people to hear. “I truly think this new project will show people who I really am and what I’m bringing to the table.”

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