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On a blustery winter Texas Friday, Flint Thompson's 's cell phone rings for about the 1,000th time of the day. "Flint it's Roger Dodger baby!". Flint's Record promoter Roger Ramsey always leads with that clever nickname. "We did it my friend! We are top 40! On your very first Texas Radio Release! Ain't seen this since Mark Chestnut baby!" Hmmm….Fact? Fiction? Does it matter?  Reality is, in the fast moving world of Texas Radio Promotion, Flint Thompson's sudden success truly is something to marvel at. Because it is as crazy a tale that has has ever been told!!!

After experiencing a quick overnight success at a very young age in his hometown of Lufkin, Texas at 16 yeas of age, Flint Thompson found out that a hit song can also be a curse. "My time with you'" was a record Flint recorded and released with program director Danny Merrill locally on KYKS 105.1 FM Lufkin,Tx (a 100,000watt station) and it quickly became Kicks 105’s most requested song ever and still is to this day. Flint's dreams seemed to be coming true. However, after the light faded from that record, he spent the next few years chasing the next hit while working to support himself and finding out that trying to follow that kind of ‘power hit’ was a difficult task. After almost 20 years of working hard at music, he decided to hang up music and traveling, got married, had kids, and began taking his powers of promotion and pointing them at business ventures such as construction companies, a restaurant, and several other ventures. After years of success as a businessman, Flint still had a little fight in his spirit left to give the music thing a try. He contacted old friend Doug Deforest, a record producer and former manager and had him do some tracks, hoping to find some magic. Out of these sessions, the current single " We've got to keep on meeting like this" was created. Flint chose a promoter and released the single to very limited success at first. However, something in his gut told him to reach back out to Roger Ramsay, who had shown a lot of interest in the song and Flint from the start, but Flint had decided against him. "Something in my spirit said go another direction so I did. It may have seemed like a dumb move, but Roger had emailed me after I turned him down and said 'you made a big mistake Flint.' When the first round of promotions was not doing what I wanted, I wrote him and told him he was right and that no truer words had ever been spoken”. I asked him if he would still find a spot on his roster for me, and when he picked up the phone and was laughing, we have never looked back!"

At this point in time, with the record racing up the charts on Texas Country  Music Chart and the video directed by Dixon Shanks and Diamond K LLC being seen around the world, Flint, Doug Deforest and Roger Ramsey seem to make a formidable team for the Flint Thompson Brand. Add to this the talent of Steve Baker at Visual Image Marketing in Nashville and a new song ready to go when this one plays it's final chord, Flint Thompson Music seems to be a NEW Texas Mainstay.

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